Virtual Lab for a Two-tanks system

Virtual Lab for a Two-tanks system
Jose Luis Guzman and Fatima Gonzalez
Virtual Lab

This is a virtual lab for a two-tank system that can be used for modelling and control learing/teaching purposes. Open-loop tests and closed-loop simulatons based on PI control or PI plus feedforward compesator can be evaluated. The application can be run using any web brower and from any device: smarthphone, table or computer. Do not require any additional software. A downloaded version is also availabe in case the user wants to run the virtual lab offile in the computer. The following links include: an online acces to the virtual lab, a downloaed version of the virtual lab, a short document about the linearization process for the system (only in Spanish. English version coming soon), and Matlab-based script to load the data from the virtual lab (notice that the data file from the virtual lab is a ASCII file that can be loaded in any other environment, like spreadsheets for instance).



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