Understanding Control Systems: Open-Loop Control Systems

Understanding Control Systems: Open-Loop Control Systems
The MathWorks, Inc.
6 min

This video explores open-loop control systems by walking through some introductory examples.

Learn how open-loop systems are found in everyday appliances like toasters or showers, and discover how they can be tuned by trial-and-error to achieve a desired output.  

The first example shows how open-loop control is used to toast bread to the desired color. The second example outlines how open-loop control can help regulate water temperature in a shower. In these open-loop systems, you will explore the input and output to the system, and learn how to find the required input for a desired output by performing experiments. Also, explore situations where open-loop control may fail due to unexpected environmental changes or variations in the system. In the next video, you will learn how you can handle the shortcomings of open-loop control by using feedback control.



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