Making an INSANE Hovering RC F-35 VTOL

Making an INSANE Hovering RC F-35 VTOL
Nicholas Rehm
21 min

I built this insane radio controlled VTOL F-35 parkjet that can takeoff and land vertically using conventional miniquad/drone parts. The best part is the plans and code are all free, and I’m going to teach you how to build your own.

This RC F-35 is a first in its class: easy to build, uses readily available drone parts, and features full vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability. Powerful brushless motors with 5” propellers and direct thrust vectoring make this thing an absolute blast to fly. I’ve designed it to be intentionally tail-heavy with active stabilization in forward flight, just like the real F-35. This allows it to be extremely maneuverable so it can be flown in tight spaces, or taken out to a big field to let it rip at 80+ mph. The total weight is approximately 600 grams ready to fly. If you liked this or want to stay up to date with my VTOL projects, please consider subscribing! More fun projects are on the way.



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