Experimental evaluation of feedforward tuning rules

Experimental evaluation of feedforward tuning rules
F. Garcia-Manas, J.L. Guzman, F. Rodriguez, M. Berenguel, T. Hagglund
Peer Reviewed Paper

This paper presents a practical comparison for some of the most relevant tuning rules for feedforward compensators that have been published in the recent years. The work is focused on the rejection of disturbances that a↵ect the process output. The di↵erent tuning rules are evaluated in simulation and several performance indices are calculated in order to provide a quantitative comparison. All the tuning rules are compared against a standard feedback controller and the classical open-loop design method for feedforward compensators. Furthermore, two of the analyzed tuning rules are tested in a real process for the first time. To that end, a traditional greenhouse was selected as a test bed for an experimental evaluation of the feedforward controllers in the context of a challenging control problem with significant disturbances.

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