Building the Flight Controller Hardware - dRehmFlight VTOL

Building the Flight Controller Hardware - dRehmFlight VTOL
Nicholas Rehm
11 min

This video will show you how to setup and solder the default recommended hardware setup for the dRehmFlight VTOL flight controller package. This hardware configuration will work with the stock code which supports 6 ESC outputs using OneShot125 protocol, and 7 servos or ESC outputs using conventional PWM. It will also accept 6 channel PWM, PPM, or SBUS receiver inputs.

While this hardware configuration is simple, it is not the only way to solder up the Teensy for use with the dRehmFlight VTOL code. It is merely a starting point. The complete documentation shows you how to modify the pin selection for your specific hardware configuration, which can then be soldered on to a prototyping board or your own PCB design for a more professional build. As with all things having to do with this project, I encourage you to get creative and find what works best for you. The default code and hardware is just a starting point!



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