What Is a Control System and Why Should I Care?

What Is a Control System and Why Should I Care?
Dr. Daniel Y. Abramovitch, Agilent Technologies, American Automatic Control Council Education Committe Chair
25 min

This is a 25 minute abbreviated version of the Part 1 & Part 2 talk.  It goes through the basic ideas while skipping some of the details and examples of the longer talks.   The talk abstract is as follows:

After years of teaching coaching little league trying to explain control systems to biologist and computer scientist friends, I will try the ultimate test of explaining the topic to a group of bright and easily bored high school kids. We will go through examples of feedback in everyday life, and then tease out what is common to all these examples. We will talk about how the "control" is computed, even when we don't have a computer. And we will talk about the dreaded math of control systems and explain why we use it and what it tells us. The talk will finish with some general lessons about science and engineering, and why anyone might want to learn these intense subjects.



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