Modelling, dynamics and control

Modelling, dynamics and control
Anthony Rossiter

How do we model the world around us and use this to understand its behaviour? How does behaviour depend upon the engineering choices we make and therefore how do we undertake design to achieve desirable behaviour? Can we create common forms or representations and thus represent a wide range of engineering systems with a single mathematical approach? How do we quantify behaviours so we can undertake systematic comparison and design? How do we influence the behaviour to achieve what we would like? In practice we ‘control’ or influence behaviour by continuously manipulating (or choosing) the system input. This site introduces simple engineering techniques for ensuring this ‘control’ is effective and delivers the behaviour we want, including common control structures such as PID. 

This website is intended to be used like a textbook, either as a reference for checking specific topics or to learn topics from scratch. It is made up of a combination of:
1. PDF files with basic notes summaries.
2. Video lectures which talk through topics in slower time (streamed from Youtube).
3. Tutorial sheets with worked solutions that students can use for self testing.
4. Occasional quick fire questions to test progress.
5. MATLAB files for core engineering problem analysis.

Content will cover a broad range of topics, mostly aimed at years 1 and 2 of engineering undergraduate degrees. Many of the videos on youtube have been viewed by a global audience and received extremely positive feedback. 



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