Free Video Course in Radar Systems Engineering

Free Video Course in Radar Systems Engineering
Dr. Robert M. O'Donnell

This Free Radar Systems Engineering Course (video, audio and screen captured ppt slides) and separate pdf slides) has been developed as a first course in Radar Systems for first year graduate students, advanced senior undergraduates, or professionals new to radar (In the first 17 lectures there are over 1150 slides! Lectures 18 & 19 have a total of ~180 viewgraphs)

The video course will contain the screen captured audio and video along with the screen capture of each viewgraph. The textbook for the course will be "Introduction to Radar Systems" 3rd Edition McGraw Hill 2001. Homework problems are taken mostly from that textbook. Although Skolnik's text is the "text book" over fifty textbooks, (including the recently published text, "Principles of Modern Radar" by M. Richards et al ) and scores of journal articles were read to develop the material in this course. In addition, each lecture has a significant number of references at its end. Each lecture will vary in length from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. Most will be somewhat over an hour. The video stream of each topic will be broken up into "easily digestible" pieces of approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

The goal of the course is to give those, with little or no previous knowledge of radar systems, but with solid academic knowledge in the physical sciences and electrical engineering, a broad but not complete understanding of radar systems subsystem issues



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