Companion resources to "Everything you need to know about Control Theory"

Companion resources to "Everything you need to know about Control Theory"
Submitted by Brian Douglas on 08/10/2022
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Last Edited: 02/06/2024

These are all of the MATLAB Tech Talk videos that I mention in the video "Everything you need to know about Control Theory".

The Tech Talk video loosely follows the layout that I created for the Map of Control Theory.  It's worth checking this out if you're looking for an overview of different control methods and techniques.

Like in the video, we start here with open loop or feedforward control. 

An important concept for control systems is that the system is actually controllable! Later, when we talk about feedback control then the concept of observability also becomes important.

To develop a good controller, we usually need a mathematical representation of the system. Here are three ways to build a model.

We can also develop a model with data and system identification. This video is the start of a series that goes into more depth on the topic.

The next 11 resources in this journey are all different closed loop controller techniques.

After the developing the closed loop controller, we talked about developing a plan. This video covers two popular methods.

In order to achieve closed loop control we have to feedback an estimate of system state.  This is where the Kalman filter comes in!

There are many different types of statistical filters like the Kalman filter.  This video describes another approach using the particle filter.

Analysis, simulation, and test was the last section we covered in the video. These last two resources touch on some of the techniques and methods we have at our disposal.